Its that time of year…

“It’s still early, its not time to get up” my 7 year old told me this morning when I was struggling to get him out of bed.  It’s that time of year!  It’s getting dark earlier, staying dark later, the mornings are much cooler, and the leaves are beginning to change colors. It’s my favorite time of year (if you don’t include Daylight Savings Time).  I love wearing hoodies and yoga pants, I love the smell of leaves burning, and I look forward to Halloween! This year though, I feel like fall kinda snuck up on me!  I think it was last week when I realized I needed to get the kids their costumes!  In most recent years it seems like festivities begin at least 2 weeks before Halloween, so thankfully I got them ordered when I did!  My boys decided they wanted to dress up at Lego Ninjago Characters.  Miles (7) is Lloyd and Sawyer (4) is going to be Kai.

(You can check out their costumes here Lloyd Costume & Kai Costume)

Grace (1) is still young enough that she really doesn’t understand or care, so I’ve decided to make her costume!  Mainly because I’m not sure how many more years I’ll be able to get away with it and this was one of my dreams of having a little girl! I was searching Pinterest and came across this adorable Scarecrow Costume.  I went to Hobby Lobby yesterday and got everything I needed and hope to have it finished by this weekend!       (I will post how I made it under the “Project” section for those of you who are interested)

What are your children/grandchildren being for Halloween? What are some of your Halloween traditions? One of my favorite things to do with our kids this time of year is going to our local pumpkin patch Grandaddy’s Farm…which we also haven’t done yet! *Mom Fail*


Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 11.21.18 AM








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