Spirit Check

A women I know calls it a whisper, what do you call God’s voice in your life? Is it easy for your to decipher between God’s voice and your own?  I’ve been noticing since I began doing my bible journaling and spending time in my war binder that God’s voice is becoming more clear in my life.  Although, it’s still easy to ignore my heart when it says, “I don’t want you to do that” or “I don’t think you should allow that person to get too close.”  But, when you are spending time with God and you have a relationship with him, you cannot be surprised when he gives you warnings.

I received an email from Heather Lindsey, who is founder of Pinky Promise Ministries. Periodically she send out emails to those who have subscribed, and this was the topic of one of her latest emails. Check out her website here.


Sometimes it’s hard to put your full trust in someone, especially if that someone is someone you can physically touch, hear or see! That’s where faith comes in.  You can’t pray that God will direct your paths and then not obey when he tells or shows you where to go.

I’ve never had a large group of friends, and growing up I always preferred to have guy friends over girl friends.  I just felt like girls were mean and petty, and usually they were only nice to you if there was something they wanted.  Now that I’m in my 30s, my circle is still small (actually, more like non-existent) and I’m learning to be ok with it.    I’ve been examining the friendships I do have, and testing the Spirits that surround them.  “Is my friendship with that person helping bring me closer to God, or is it pushing me further away?”  These are the questions I’ve been asking myself recently as I’ve been testing the Spirit in my life.  I’ve learned through this that there are some friendships I need to let go of, and some that I need to put more effort into.

My prayer for you is that as you spend time with God you hear his voice, and listen.  I pray that you surround yourself with those who bring you closer to God.

Photo Credit: Larry Dickerson






2 thoughts on “Spirit Check”

  1. I agree with that. I feel like you have to guard your heart and protect yourself from being pulled away from God. I’m striving to fill my life with and surround myself with people who encourage me and push me to be a better person. I can help draw people close to the Lord from a distance.


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