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How do you deal with guilt?

This morning I went to my weekly study at church where we are discussing the book by Andy Stanley called “Enemies of the Heart”.  (I mentioned the book in a previous post)

Today the chapters we discussed were about guilt.  We talked about what causes guilt and how to confront guilt.  I had never thought of guilt as being the outcome of owing someone something…but, in this book that’s exactly what Andy Stanley talks about.  He talks about how guilt is the result of having done something perceived as wrong, and that every wrong we do can be restated as an act of theft.  One of my favorite things he says is, “We’ve even adopted specific terminology for resolving our guilt.  We say, “I owe her an apology.”  Why do we “owe” people an apology?  Because, our hearts tell us we took something, that we’re not debtors in some fashion.”  To me, this made perfect sense!   Usually, if I feel guilty I think about what I can do or give or say to make things better, to make me feel better.

Moving on, we discussed how to confront guilt.  If you are experiencing some sort of guilt, how do you get rid of it?  Andy Stanley says, “Secrets lose their power when exposed to light.”  He says to confess.  If you are feeling guilty because of something you may have done, the best way to free yourself from the guilt is to confess to the person you have wronged and apologize.

Is there a sin you’ve committed against someone and you feel guilty?  How do you deal with guilt? I encourage you to confess!  Open confession has the power to break the cycle of sin.  I think this is much easier said than done.  I know there are times that I’ll confess my sins to God, and still feel the weight of those sins and just accept feeling miserable because it’s much easier to confess our sins to God rather than an actual person.  We don’t have to worry about what God thinks of us, he knows everything about us already without us telling him.  If we confess to an actual person, we become vulnerable.

My prayer for you is that you rid yourself of any guilt you are experiencing, and that you find the strength and courage to confront and confess the sins you’ve committed so that you can live your life without the weight of guilt weighing you down.

This book has been extremely eye opening, it really makes you examine yourself.  If you’d like to purchase the book its available on Amazon.




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