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“I wish I could volunteer more at my child’s school like they do… ”

“I wish I could make cupcakes that looked like that!”

“I wish I could work outside the home.”

“I wish I could be a stay at home Mom”

“I wish I had that…”

I wish I could do that…”

Have you ever found yourself playing the comparison game?  I think it’s a lot easier to get wrapped up in the comparison game with the popularity of social media.  Everyone is always posting about their new homes, their new jobs, the fun activities they do on the weekends with their “perfect” children, the extravagant vacations, etc.  It’s easy to start feeling like maybe you aren’t doing enough, that you aren’t giving enough of yourself, or that you aren’t enough.  I know that I’m guilty!  It’s easy to start to feel like your life is mediocre when you see the “perfection” in other peoples lives.  It’s easy to forget when you get wrapped up in the comparison game, that your life is pretty great too.

I think it’s important to remember that people don’t want to post about the bad that’s going on in their lives.  People don’t want to run to Facebook and post every detail about their terrible morning trying to get their kids ready for school (they will post the smiling photos of their children standing outside their home looking perfect).  They don’t want to post about how the entire month before their child’s birthday they spent many hours and many days trying to make those cupcakes look perfect (They won’t post the pictures of all the failed attempts).  They don’t want to post on Facebook about how they are going through a terrible divorce and how bill collectors are constantly calling.

People want so badly to be accepted into society today, and social media is unfortunately a way for people to try and gain that acceptance that they so desperately want.  I wish people would realize and/or remember that they don’t need the world’s acceptance, they need God’s acceptance.  God’s acceptance is free, it doesn’t cost anything.  Jesus already paid the price.  All he asks of you is that you believe in his Son Jesus Christ and live your life in the spirt of love, and pass that love onto everyone you come in contact with.

My prayers for you is that you don’t fall into the comparison game and let it steal your joy.  I pray that you don’t forget how awesome your life is, and that you don’t forget that Jesus Christ died FOR YOU!






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