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Seasons Change, God Doesn’t

One of my favorite things to buy is a Bible.  My Husband likes shopping for shoes and hats, I have friends who enjoy shopping for new purses,  I love getting a new Bible!  I have at least five Bibles, that I use for all different reasons.  My favorite, its my “Thrive” Bible.  Within in the Bible there are sections where there are “Love Letters from God” which are like a small devotional you can do each day, on all different topics.

I wanted to share the one I read today titled “Seasons Change, God Doesn’t”

“For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven.”

Ecclesiastes 3:1

Love Letter from God

Beloved {Daughter},

I have a divine purpose for every season.  There will be seasons when your heart will ache, and in those seasons you will know Me as the God of comfort.  There will be seasons when you will laugh, and you will know Me as the God of celebration.  There will be seasons when you prosper, and you will know Me as the God of great blessing.  There will be seasons when you are in need, and you will know Me as the God who is enough for you.  Whatever season you are in, rest assured that I am there with you.


Your heavenly Father


We all have seasons we love, seasons we long for, and seasons we want to hold on to.  As sweet as some seasons can be, others are bitter and hard to survive.  Whatever season you are in, ask God to carry you through it and help you embrace it.

Treasure of Truth

In every season, God is there.

Dear God,

Give Your {daughter} peace, perspective, perseverance, and power in whatever season of life she is in.  Help her to glorify You in her life.  In Jesus’ name, amen

(THRIVE – Tyndale House Publishers)


So let me ask you, what season are you in right now?  With the holidays approaching I’m sure many are going to be transitioning into new seasons.  There may be some of you who have lost loved ones, started your own family, maybe you moved away from family and this will be your first time spending the holidays without them.  Whatever your season may be,  I pray that you find comfort in knowing that you are not alone.

***Note*** Another good book to check out is “Silent Seasons” by Heather Lindsey.  I think I mentioned her in a previous post, but this book is amazing and also talks about different seasons you may be experiencing in your life.







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