“For I have learned in whatever situation I am to be content.”

Philippians 4:11

A few months ago in a bible study I attended the question arose, “What do you want most for your children?”  The first thing that popped into almost everyone’s head was happiness.  Who doesn’t want their children to be happy? Isn’t that what every parent should want for their children?  We discussed for a while before realizing that the standard placed on us that we should be happy, might be what causes some people to be unhappy.  Things are going to happen in your life that are beyond your control, there will be changes you go through and there will be seasons that may be difficult.

After continuing to discuss this, I decided that what I want most for my children as they get older, is for them to be content.  But, what do I mean by content?  Obviously I don’t want them to settle for less than they deserve in any aspect of their lives, but I don’t want them to constantly seek happiness in things of this world like possessions, or even relationships with other people.  I want my children’s happiness to be rooted in Christ.  If my children’s happiness is rooted in Christ then it doesn’t matter what happens in their lives.

Contentment has always been something I’ve struggled with up until the last few years.  After seeing friends of mine go through hardships, and people I love deal with health issues I’ve been able to find peace with where I’m at in my life.

Being content removes the miserable feeling you get when you are trying to be like everyone else and fail, and it prevents you from only experiencing true happiness when everything goes your way.  When you’re content you know that God is enough.  He’s more than anything anybody can give you, or anything you can buy at a store.  You don’t feel like you need a bigger house, or a nicer car.  You don’t feel like you need to go to the store and buy a bunch of things.  Contentment helps you embrace everything you have in life.  Contentment means that God has revealed the good things in life to you so that you can enjoy them.  Nothing is promised to us.  People aren’t promised to be with us forever.  Things aren’t promised to be with us forever.  Contentment means enjoying the life God has given us.

I pray that you will find contentment in whatever season you are in.  I pray that when everything seems more difficult than you had expected, that you are able to look at your many blessings and find peace and happiness that only God can give.




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