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The Abundance of God

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This isn’t my typical blog post, but I wanted to share my reading from today from my “Thrive” bible.  With Thanksgiving tomorrow I thought it was appropriate.  I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

Love Letter from God:


I am the God of abundant blessings.  I love lavishing you with My good gifts.  I want you to have eyes to see the blessings before you.  When you see how plentiful My gifts to you are, you can use them to worship Me in a spirit of gladness and thankfulness.  I want you to find the true joy of giving away what I give to you: unconditional love, mercy, and grace.  When you desire Me more than you desire the world, you will be free to use all the gifts I have given you to bring glory to My name.


Your Heavenly Father


Many times we wonder why God will not give us something we ask for.  It is not because He doesn’t want to bless us – He loves blessing His children.  Ask yourself if what you’re asking for will bless anybody but you.  God may bless you for a higher purpose than just your own happiness.

Treasure of Truth:

God won’t give to you what He can’t give through you.  Blessings from God are gifts to share.

Dear God,

Bless us with eyes to see the blessings that You give us every day.  Floor our heart with thankfulness for Your presence.  Let our hearts align itself with the desires of Your heart. In Jesus’ name, amen.


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