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Identity in Christ

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How often do you think about your identity in Christ?  Do you see Christ in the way you live your life?  In what areas do you feel like you could do better?  I know that at least once a day I recognize something in the realm of parenting that I need to improve on.  I have three children, and most days I lack patience and feel like I’m going in circles trying to make sure my little people grow up to be decent human beings.

Nobody is perfect, but by the Grace of God, we are being perfected to be more like Christ. It isn’t our love for God that shows people that we are Christians.  I know some professing Christians that carry so much hate towards other in their hearts, it overshadows everything else.  Our love for one another is what is most important.

Peter said, “Above all, keep loving one another earnestly, since love covers a multitude of sins.”  (1 Peter 4:8)

Speaking God’s truth to yourself is the best way to become who you want to be in Christ.  If you fill your mind with God’s truth, good thoughts, and positivity, that’s what others will see pour out of you.

During this Holiday season you can give the greatest, most precious gift just by loving each other and by simple acts of kindness.  It’s through these things we will bring Jesus Christ into the lives of others.

I pray that you will walk in His confidence and truth and leave your old self to embrace who you are in Christ.  I pray that you will be filled with God’s love and grace, and the same grace that God gives you will pour out of you onto others. Amen.


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