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What does your prayer life look like?

Am I the only one that struggles with being consistent in their daily prayer life?  On January 1st I began doing a Journal Challenge.  I joined for a few reasons, the first being that I want to be more consistent in my prayer life.  The second reason being that I’m hoping this will help me feel more comfortable praying.  I’m not exactly sure why, but I always feel like I’m praying wrong.  Now, realistically I know there is no wrong way to pray, and I can tell myself that over and over again but I still feel like I’m not doing it “right.”  I’m hoping (and praying!!!) that I get past this eventually, because obviously God knows what I’m thinking,  needing, and feeling before I even begin to pray.

I often wonder if the reason I feel this way is because of the people in my life that I’ve had as Christian examples have always worshipped out of routine, and not because they desired a relationship with Jesus Christ.  I’ve gone to churches where you can tell that its led by the people and not by the Lord.

It’s a new year, and  I want my relationship with God to be stronger than ever before.  I want him to be the center of everything in my life, and the reason behind everything I do.  I desire to live out the calling he has on my life, even though I haven’t quite figured it out yet.  I want to hear his voice daily with each decision I make.   I want to be intentional when it comes to spending time with God, because I want to be more like Jesus Christ.

What does your prayer life look like?  Are you inconsistent? Do you hold back in prayer?  How comfortable are you with laying your entire life out there before the Father?  I encourage you to join me in writing your prayers out and becoming more intentional when it comes to spending time with God.

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