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A Servant’s Heart

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When was the last time you had the opportunity to serve others?  Did you serve, or did you make an excuse?  It’s easy to come up with excuses for why we can’t do something.  I catch myself doing it often when it comes to serving in our church and having young children.  More recently though, and since I’ve began spending more quiet time with the Lord, I’ve been feeling more convicted when it comes to serving in our church and reaching out into our community.

It’s often easy to underestimate the high position of serving others.  Even Jesus said that He did not come to be served but to serve.  We are told that in the Kingdom of Heaven that the last will be first and those that put themselves first will be last.  God sent us an example in Jesus, because he knew that we naturally want to serve ourselves before others.

When you serve others you become a reflection of Jesus. Anyone can live for his or her self in an effort to achieve what they want; but you belong to God! He places value on the beauty of a servant’s heart.

This is the opposite of what you see around you.

It’s easy to get absorbed into things of this world, and forget what’s important.  Most of the time you don’t even realize where you’ve placed value. You can get sidetracked and forget all about living your life for God, and live your life with no purpose.

You are not called to be like the world; you’re called to be a light in the world, and the only way you can be a light is to humbly serve others so that God can be glorified.

I pray that wherever you are in your faith journey, that you never forget the importance of serving others.  What better way to show Gods love to others than by serving His people.


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