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It’s common during the Holidays for people to fall into depression because they feel lonely.  Now that the Holidays are behind us, it’s important to remember this because many of those we encounter may still be dealing with this struggle.

We all have times when we feel like we are all alone, even when we are surrounded by those we love.   It’s important during these times that we remember that God will never fail us or abandon us.  We may experience feelings of loneliness but, even Jesus had moments of loneliness while He walked on this earth.  It’s in those moments, you will discover God.

God uses those around us to be an extension of His love, but ultimately He wants to be connected to us.  Find peace in knowing that God holds you close to Him in every moment of every day.  When you feel lost and alone, seek him.  He will bring you back to Him and into his presence because He never left you, you drifted away from Him.

Don’t forget in those moments where you feel alone, forgotten, and lost that the One who created the world loves you and it is His desire for you to always feel His presence.


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