January 2018


This year I started a Bible Journaling Challenge.  I ordered the turquoise journal above to use for writing my prayers out, and also ordered the book “Open Your Bible” which will be a book we are studying in our “Young Moms Group” at church beginning this Friday!

I sometimes struggle with what to study during my quiet time.  When I was searching Pinterest for ideas I came across “Inscribe the Word.”  I love the idea of writing out scripture.  I remember things a lot easier and for a longer period of time if I write things down, so finding these checklists was a complete WIN for me!  They even have a checklist for children!




You can find these checklists and more here.

I also really enjoy being crafty and artistic during my time with the Lord.  I find that this helps me to “be still” in his presence.  When I’m coloring, and using my creativity I am able to clear my mind easier, and focus.  If you’re like me, you lack any artistic ability.  I can picture in my mind what I want the finished product to look like, but actually creating it myself is near impossible.  Then, I found these amazing books!  I love them.  Each book has traceable images, vellum images you can color, and stickers!  It makes journaling inside my Bible so much easier.  If you haven’t, check out the Inspire*Praise* Journaling Bible.  I have the soft cover version and its beautiful!


If you are interested in joining the 2018 Journaling Challenge, I hope you do!  Today is the 11th day and it’s already been life changing.

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Don’t forget to enter the January 2018 giveaway too!


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