February 2018

If you’ve joined me in the 2018 Journal Challenge, I hope that you made it through January!!  If you are just now hearing about it, check it out here.

I am not doing my journaling exactly like Heather Lindsey does hers, but I think that everyone needs to find whatever works best for them!  I find that I like incorporating the “Inscribe the Word” from TheFelicityBee.com in my journaling because I remember what I read a lot easier if I write it down.  I can meditate on the scripture as I’m writing it down.

If you are interested in incorporating these into your quiet time with the Lord, you can get them here.

This is what they look like:

ITW+February+18PDF-2-page-001                         ITW+January+18+KIDS+PDF-2-page-001

I love that they provide one for children also!