God Encourages U-Turns – January 27, 2018

Scripture: Psalm 119: 59-60

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This week our Pastor spoke about doing what God has called you to do.  If you’d like to read the sermon for yourself, the link is above.   Below are a few highlights from the sermon that I felt were important and worth remembering and thinking more about.

  • Is our life what God wants or is it simply what we want?
  • Compare your ways to God’s ways.  God gives us the power to turn around, change our direction, and go in a new way.  God also allows us to lay down our old ways and take up new ones.
  • God is calling you to lay aside those ways that bring you down, that cause you trouble, that keep you from being all you are created to be.
  • As we align with Christ, real change will happen in our life.
  • Turn your feet unto His testimonies